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"The axe forgets; the tree remembers."

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Persian Zodiac

These images come form an egyptian manuscript from the 14th/15th centuries. It reproduces a persian astrological treatise from ~9th century - ‘Kitâb al-Mawalid' - by Abû Ma'shar, said to have been the most influential document in the development of western astrology. [I believe it is otherwise known as 'The Book of Nativities' or 'The Book of Revolution of the Birth Years'.]

Although produced in Cairo, the manuscript illustrations were almost certainly by a persian artist. 

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Paolo Galletta

Ferentari - is not Bucarest

Ferentari is a ghetto neighborhood where Rom and Romanians are living in conditions of extreme degradation, in a huge dormitory of the workers of the dictatorship of Ceauceascu . 
The ghetto area is off limits to those who didn’t grew up there, but exceptionally for this job families there generously welcomed me into their houses, one-room apartments, with no water and often without light. 
Quit often between a building and the other, there are groups of cabins telling us about the fires that burn everything in it, including children! The pictures are not stolen by the tremendous daily portraits of the subjects, but are the result of a relationship with simplicity and discretion, in the interests of intimacy too that is often violated, focusing on the spontaneous stories of these people in the flesh and on their humble stories of revenge. 

Deserts of waste, toxic next to children on the streets, doesn’t prevent these of looking glassy, ??transparent and resolute, and not to have dignity and courage to fight with the fatigue of resignation and humbly claim of a possible way out. 
Many finds it: in education, sports, religious practice, and often in work. And that is why, even today, you have an obligation to document. 

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Michael Salerno. from ‘Home’, 108 page book, 2013

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Luigi Ghirri


Luigi Ghirri

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Social Advertisement Powerful Ads

1. UN Women: Auto-complete shows perception of women by Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Dubai, UAE

2. The Right to Childhood should be protected by Erik Ravelo

3. Animal abuse and shelters: Same pet, different owner by Advertising Agency: TBWA-Santiago Mangada Puno, Philippines

4. Innocence in Danger: Where’s the Pedophile by Art Director: Michael Arguello, Copywriter: Bassam Tariq, Additional credits: Jason Musante

5. You’re not a sketch: say no to anorexia by Advertising Agency: Revolution Brasil

6. Liking isn’t helping. Be a volunteer, change a life by Advertising Agency: Publicis, Singapore

7. Air pollution kills 60.000 people a year - Advertising Agency: unknown

8. For the homeless, everyday is a struggle by Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia

9. Bangalore traffic police: Don’t talk while driving by Advertising Agency: Mudra Group, India

10. Save paper, save the planet by Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark

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The pilot episode aired on April 8, 1990.

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